Wide Angle Closeups

The winter days get short and dark here in Seattle, with the sun barely skimming the tops of the trees. I ventured outside my door one chilly morning to capture the effect but couldn’t find a suitable foreground object to include in the landscape. OK, my front yard is just not that photogenic in winter. However there were the dried flower buds of the Rudebeckia ‘Prairie Sun’ still standing at their posts. I moved in as close as I could with my 35mm lens on a Nikon D200 but they looked a bit small and weak in the composition. I added a 27.5 mm extension tube to my setup and was able to get even closer — close enough to shoot this image that emphasizes the inch tall buds while still capturing the wide background. I used a ring flash to bring light to the bud while retaining the sun’s rim light sparkling through the early morning frost.

I could have shot the dried flower bud using a macro lens, but its narrower angle of view would have excluded much of the scene in the background.

Nikon PK-13 Extension Tube

Nikon PK-13 Extension Tube

A Nikon 27.5 mm extension tube. The extension tube sits between the camera body and the lens.

Nikon PK-13 Extension Tube mounted on D700 using a 35mm lens.

Nikon PK-13 Extension Tube mounted on D200 using a 35mm lens.

I also own a Kenko DG extension tube set. It contains three tubes of different lengths and allows my Nikon camera bodies and lenses to auto-focus. The set is excellent quality and I recommend it highly.

Before I forget, why not shop where I do. Click on the Adorama ad below to shop for extension tubes or other gear and I will receive a small reward at no cost to you. Thanks!

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